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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
(For the Greater Glory of God)
Feb. 24, 2021

 The Message of Garabandal 

Visionary Ecstasy
Falling to their knees, on stones

Mary Kisses Religious Objects

Mary Kisses Powder Compact first

Returning Wedding Rings

Alberto's "alpargatas" (running shoes)

Strange Weight of Visionaries

Prodigious Pheomena, 7-1-1961

The "Ecstatic Walks", 8-5-61

Mary Throws Down a Star

A Doctor's Experience

Little Miraculous Stories

Dr. Oritz takes Conchita's pulse, 8-15-61

 Color Video - Seers in Estatic State - 4:48 watch time 

 Color Video - Estatic Marches - 4:50 watch time 

 Color Video - Mystical Communions - 3:58 watch time 

Last Update  Dec 4, 2021