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 The Message of Garabandal 

The Girls hold Mary's crown!
gh   Glenn Hudson          (Click with Edge; Right click to read aloud)

The Girls hold Mary’s crown !

Mary with Baby Jesus

(July 29, 1961 ) “One of them finally rose to her feet and took the Virgin's crown in her arms. The crowd saw her go through the motions of examining it, and lift it onto her head. The crown was passed from hand to hand among the children. The spectators could see that it fitted some heads better than others.”

An eyewitness recorded the scene. "They raised their hands as if proffering something. One folded her arms. There was a sound of kisses. They stretched out their arms, smiling; now, they were listening; they started to cry. After eleven minutes they came to. We ran over to them and observed that one still had wet tear-stains on her cheeks. 'Why are you crying?' we asked. But she did not answer." *

"Who did you see?" someone asked Mary Loly.

"We saw Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We held her crown in our hands."

"We were still talking to them," recalls a spectator, "when they had their third vision of the day, and went into a trance again. This time, everything they said was heard quite clearly. The Virgin brought the Infant Jesus. They took His crown. The little girls remarked that it was small. They asked His age. "The Virgin is very pleased because the people obeyed her. She says to say the rosary. She says that if they want they can come and say it here."

* Verbatim testimony from one of the many accounts quoted here only after due verification.

“Apparitions of Garabandal”, by F. SANCHEZ-VENTURA Y PASCUAL
Chapter 4, page 62, 63

Last Update  Jun 17, 2022