The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy

  Illumination of Conscience,  
  Recoginizing Evil Deception,  
  Satan's 100 year Power  
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Beautiful Catholic Prayers
( For the Greater Glory of God )

Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel

 These messages are mainly from Our Lady of Mount Carmel 
 from the very last apparition at Fatima, 1917 to 4+ years at Garabandal, 1961-1964. 
 Church approval "pending" on the "Great Miracle". 

The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy

This is the share page for how to prepare for the fast approaching "Illumination of Conscience" by living the messages and recoginizing evil deception.
The "Illumination of Conscience" or "Warning" is a world-wide "Last Act of God's Mercy" to help us see and correct our failings.  It will start as a bright light in the sky seen by all and the world will seem to come to a complete stop for a short time. All will be shown that God exists and we will see our soul as God sees it. This event has been prophesized by many church approved saints and recent apparitions of the Virgin Mary, most notable - at Garabandal ( the continuation of Fatima).

The 2,000+ Garabandal apparitions (currently "pending" Church approval with the coming "Great Miracle") gave us the most information about the nature and timing of this event. Three pre-events will lead up to the "Warning": An important Synod in the Church, the Pope visiting Moscow and the return of Communism (far-left ideology, described by the Virgin as "communism's errors" and Russian invasions).

All three pre-events are partially unfolding now with far-left ideology leading the way:

1) A special three-year Synod was started in 2021.
2) Russia has started to invade Ukraine.
3) The Pope recently, 12-6-21, expressed a willingness to go to Moscow. Plans are being discussed.

Many other clues have been given to the seers by the Virgin: An even year for the Warning with the Miracle following shortly in mid-April.    If the pope goes to Moscow and Russia invades parts of Europe in 2022 or 2023, then 2024 will meet the Virgin's prophecies for the Warning and Miracle.
Why do we need to recognize evil deception ?

Satan's minions, the far-left, are not going to repent with the Warning, because the deadly sin of Pride results in spiritual blindness. Only humility and wisdom allows a soul to see the path of salvation. They may try to disprove the warning as a stellar phenomenon instead of a Supernatural act of God. God is sending a Great Miracle a few months after the Warning to show a permanent sign from God that won't be explained, but the far-left, agents of Satan, will still refuse to acknowlege the true God. Evil wants to always corrupt everything from God with deception and lies. The far-left tries to capitalize on every crisis or opportunity for their advantage. Many will be deceived because the left sugar coats everything with lies and liberal terms of "fairness, intolerance and inclusiveness" to hide and bury the truth about God and the Bible.

What are the consequences of being deceived ?

Eternity in hell without love, consumed by despair and the stinch of death. Alot of people are deceived by others (believing their lies without searching for the truth) and some people deceive themselves by knowing the lies but going along with the lies because they fit their wants and desires. Many are deceived by rejecting God's commandments to do only what they want, because it is their life or their body. And the sad part is that many - many good hearted people today are very easily deceived by the elitist, highely-educated left who use deceptive terminiolgy and emotional provolking propaganda that make them "look like" they are doing "humanitarian deeds" when they are actually seeking massive power grabs, indoctrination of innocent minds and control of whole nations for greed, lust, pride and to be their own gods. See Rules for Radicals.

Below are links to two seperate expanded information pages (click on Jesus). The first one contains basic Church acknowledged information. The second one contains more information about the Warning and Miracle from the apparitions of Garabandal.

The Last Act of God's Mercy. The 'Illumination of Conscience' and 'Great Miracle'. Click on Jesus to read the page of your choice. See motives and benefits of spreading god's mercy below.

Divine Mercy Image, Jesus I Trust in You, Mercy, blue and red rays
  Messages mainly from:  
  Fatima, St. Faustina,  
  Pope Leo XIII, Akita,  
  and St. Padre Pio  

Divine Mercy Image, Jesus I Trust in You, Mercy, blue and red rays
  Messages from:  
  Fatima, Garabandal,
  Pope Leo XIII, St. Faustina,  
  Akita & St. Padre Pio  
Glenn's Facebook group added 3,900 new members in December, now over 77,000.   Approx 14,700 added in 2021. . Pope Francis has expressed a willingness to go to Moscow (major Garabandal Prophesy). Russia is invading Ukraine with 250,000+ troops on three sides of the country (a precurser to Garabandal Russia prophesy). For those new visitors who would like a brief but detailed explanation of the Marian Apparitions at Garabandal, Spain (or to share this with family or friends who don't know about Garabandal) a short video by actor Ricardo Montalban.

If you are not really "feeling" like reading this, there may be a reason.
The evil one will put every possible thought into your mind
to prevent you from reading and sharing this with others.

If that "feeling" is an uneasiness between your "desires" and what you "think" this page is about,
then the devil is trying hard to stop you. Our "desires" are his domain. Take this step from your heart.
What is the motive? Pages like this don't come about without a motive.

NOT MONEY, No ads. No solicitations. The motive is the salvation of souls and the correction of the world.
The world is being deceived. Catholics are confused and disheartened about the church.
Our Lady of Fatima had to come back to Garabandal and Akita to finish it.
Our motive is HER motive and spreading HER messages.
The Last Act of
God's Unfathomable Mercy
Sharing Instructions

The "Illumination of Conscience - Warning".
Recoginizing Evil Deception.

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What are YOUR Benefits of Spreading God's Mercy?

God's promises for those who spread His Mercy:

Your name may get into God's book of Mercy advocates.
Yes, God has a special book, written in blood, for those who glorify His Mercy.
(seen and verified by St. Faustina, Diary 689)

"Souls who spread the honor of My mercy I shield through their entire lives
as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them,
but the Merciful Savior."
- Divine Mercy Promise. St. Faustina is also allowed to distribute
graces as she wishes, to whom she wishes. Will you be her Mercy advocate?

This may be the only chance you will have to make it into God's Mercy book and
receive double graces from St. Faustina and the Holy Spirit. Please share with all Catholics.

If you wait too long, your friends may end up sharing with you and they will get the graces.
Facebook is full of false promises for sharing. This promise is from God and Catholic Approved.
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Our preferred share method is E-mail (more secure), but sometimes email
addresses of the best candidates are not known, especially when you know a
friend of a friend on FB that is very Catholic.

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Recognizing today's evil deception and the coming "Illumination of Conscience"

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Dear fellow Catholics,

A Christian/Catholic friend sent you this for the sake of our world today.

Today, more than ever, evil deception is taking over the world and many souls are caught up in the devil's web. Evil deception is clearly being exposed, yet people still do not see it. Learn how to recoginize it for yourself and others you love.

God calls us to share and spread his love and teachings. Please consider reading this 10-25 minute artical (ad-free webpage) explaining how evil has corrupted the church, the media, the government, and how and when God is going to step in to stop it.

( NO ads. NO solicitation. NO earthly motives. – ONLY God's Mercy )

The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy

Things covered in 10-25 minute read that most Catholic/Christians don't know:

  • How did Lucifer deceive 1/3 of the angels?
  • The reason God could not just destroy or condemn Lucifer and the fallen angels.
  • Origin of the St. Michael Prayer (long & short version) who wrote it and why.
  • The march and prediction of Freemason priests in the city of Rome in 1917.
  • Story behind the very first use of the Divine Mercy Chaplet wording. What it accomplished.
  • God's book containing the names of Mercy advocates written in blood.
  • The Fatima morning prayer that makes all your daily trials a sacrifice to God automatically.
  • How Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Fatima had to come back to reveal the Third Secret Herself.
  • How the Third Secret was confirmed by a priest who read the Third Secret himself at the Vatican.
  • Why Garabandal has never been either approved nor disapproved. Why the Church doesn't have to.
  • How the devil is wanting us to pull away from God because of bad priests and their misconduct.
  • The devil’s latest deception of "information and distraction" to make an informed decision.
  • The devil's human sacrifice.
  • Why evil is allowed to exist and how to recognize it?
  • How to use prayer multipliers, given to us by the saints and Jesus, to multiply our prayers thousands of times.
  • How to pray with the right "frame of mind" to allow God to hear your prayers and answer them.

If you discovered some things you didn’t know, chances are your Catholic/Christian friends and relatives don’t know them either, do them and the world a favor and forward this to them by E-mail, text or messenger. This is information God wants us to spread for his Glory.

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Divine Mercy Image, Jesus I Trust in You, Mercy, blue and red rays Divine Mercy Image, Jesus I Trust in You, Mercy, blue and red rays

Sacred Heart of Jesus with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Divine Mercy Image, blue and red rays    Sacred Heart of Jesus with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Divine Mercy Image, blue and red rays

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The Virgin Mary gave us three secrets at Fatima, but the Church refused to released the third one in 1960. Mary had to re-appeared at Garabandal (1961) and Akita (1973) and revealed it herself. We now have verification from a Vatican exorcist, that read the third secret himself.

The Virgin's main message of these apparitions is the coming (likely this decade) Illumination of Conscience - Warning and Great Miracle. The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy.

To understand the fall of the church and why God allowed it, one needs to only look at the origin of some of our beloved prayers: St. Michael Prayer (long version) and The Divine Mercy Chaplet.

To be prepared for the future Warning and Great Miracle, all Catholics should research what was revealed by Our Blessed Mother.

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