Best of Blackaby

Best of Henry Blackaby

Mark's Daily Devotional Favorites

June 2015
Pride Brings You Down
(Humility brings you up)

Furthering the Gospel
(Look to do God's will at all times)

Kingdom Greatness
(Be served or serve others)

Spiritual Famine
(Gods silence is calling)

When God Says No
(Change course and keep praying)

Praying but Not Believing
(Too much doubt)

A Way That Seems Right
(Decisions without God)

July 2015
What More Could Have Been Done?
(God has done his part)

Choose and Rejoice
(Joy during difficult circumstances)

An Imperishable Crown
(Christians vs. athletes)

Your Heavenly Father Knows You
(He knows our needs before we ask)

August 2015
The Poor in Spirit
(Recognizing our Spiritual Poverty)

Continuously Under Construction
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