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 The Message of Garabandal 

Returning Wedding Rings
gh   Glenn Hudson          (Click with Edge; Right click to read aloud)

Returning Wedding Rings

Returning Wedding Rings

The girls would have their fingers full of wedding rings, and while in ecstasy they would raise up their hands and ask the Virgin to kiss them. After this they would return the rings to their owners without making any mistakes and without seeing who they were giving them to as their heads were always tilted backwards and their eyes fixed on the apparition above them.

One day in front of me at Conchita's house, Loli put on the right hand of a woman the wedding ring that at the request of the woman herself, as was the custom, she had first presented to the lips of the Virgin. Then advised by the Virgin, I saw her remove the ring from that finger and put it on the ring finger of the other hand. The spectators thought the child had made a mistake. Not so. Filled with wonder and all in tears of joy, the person involved stated, "The Virgin knows well that in the region of Valencia where I came from, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand, contrary to the Spanish custom."

From: "Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest" by Father Josť Ramon Garcia de la Riva, Page 17

Last Update  May 27, 2024