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 The Message of Garabandal 

St. Maria Maravillas predicts
the fate of a disbeliever Bishop
gh   Glenn Hudson          (Click with Edge; Right click to read aloud)

SAINT MARIA MARAVILLAS DE JESUS, O.C.D. (1891-1974) was canonized in Madrid 2003.


St. Maria Maravillas of Jesus, a Carmelite nun, entered the Carmelite monastery of Madrid, Spain in 1919 at the age of 27. She was appointed the prioress of a new monastery in 1926 by her Bishop, and went on to found many other monasteries throughout Spain and India.

This extraordinary Carmelite nun, who was beatified in 1998, by Pope John Paul II, less than 25 years after she died, founded the "Association of St. Teresa," with the purpose of restoring the rule of life of the original Constitutions of 1581, rigorously established by Teresa of Avila one year before her own death. 

Mother Maravillas in her 70's, "knew" that Garabandal was authentic. She even clearly shared her conviction with her spiritual daughters, assuring them that "the phenomena occurring at San Sebastian de Garabandal come from God!"

In an unusual side note. Mother Maravillas warned Bishop Puchol Montis on April 25, 1967 (one of the former Bishops of Santander) that he would have a sudden death. Bishop Montis seems to have opposed the events of Garabandal irresponsibly in her opinion.

Monsignor Vincente Puchol Montis, reports in his Note of March 17, 1967, that:

1) There was no apparition, neither of the Blessed Virgin, nor of the Archangel, nor of any other person from Heaven.
2) There was no Message.
3) All the events that occurred (at San Sebastian de Garabandal) have a natural explanation . . ."

On March 19, 1967 the Spanish Television made this Note public.

Less than 2 months later on May 8, 1967, he died suddenly as a result of an automobile accident.

Now there is some very interesting "coincidences" relating to the Bishop's death. After his written letter of March 17, 1967 trying to discredit the apparitions and messages, he is warned by Mother Maravillas. He refuses to change his stance on Garabandal. He was told of his future death on April 25th, and dies on May 8th, (THE FIRST FEAST DAY OF ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, Who started the apparitions at Garabandal !)

Not only that but when found dead in the car, his hands are " blackened ", but there is no fire ???? Draw your own conclusions.

Last Update  Oct 10, 2023