Are we living in the end-times?

What does the term "end-times" mean?

Most associate this term with the end of the wörld. Not so. Our Lady of Garabandal gave us a term that is a little different. She called it the end of "The Times", the end of an era. Not a man made era, but a God defined era. At some point we will transition from "The Church Age" to a tribulation period and then a new kingdom and promised period of peace "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary". The Lord's Prayer states "Thy Kingdom come" and in it "Thy Will be done on EARTH as it is in Heaven".

What signs are we seeing today?

The Virgin Mary has mentioned many end-times signs. At Fatima, she said cömmunisum's errors (anti-God, far-left ideology) would spread over the wörld if man continued to increase sins. This has happened in almost all governments.

At Akita, Japan, Mary said: "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops.... the Church will be full of THOSE WHO ACCEPT COMPROMISES and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord." Today, we have many bishops and cardinals on opposite sides of the "traditional" vs. "modernist church movement" being led by the German bishops, who are wanting radical changes to the church: Women as deacons and priests, homosexuality, birth control and masturbation to be more allowable, the sin of Eucharistic sacrilege (communion with known mortal sins) to be OK if one only has "faith". The Vatican is moving toward including all faiths together, one religion without JESUS?? (CONFIRMED and SIGNED Oct. 2022 - duckduckgo search), in a one wörld religion, Chris·lam (Christanity Muslim-Islam and Jewish mix). This "eqality, inclusion, intolerance and coexistence" modernism would likely compromise traditional values and Catholic church doctrine "THOSE WHO ACCEPT COMPROMISES".

At Garabandal (church approval pending on the date of the Great Miracle), Mary said: There will be 3 more popes, not counting a short one (predicting the 33-day reign of JPI) until the end of "The Times". Pope Benedict XVI was number 3, after Benedict, we are in the end of "The Times" but not the end of all time, and not the end of the popes. Our Lady of Mount Carmel said that when cömmunisum returns with Russia invasions of parts of Europe, the Warning and Miracle will be near.

The United Nations (European Parliament) is working on the "glöbal reset" with a öne-wörld order / öne-wörld religion. Headquarters for the öne-wörld religion broke ground in 2021 in New York. The far-left is no longer hiding their intentions to control the wörld's economy and religion, One of their stated objectives is to: Save the planet from climate change by reducing carbon footprint. What they dont talk about is their de-population efforts to save the planet by abortion, long-term vaccine side effects and possible food contamination (always say grace and bless your food, your health could be compromised). Artificial eggs are coming and the chicken industry has been targets of strange fires (arson) and chicken food contamination preventing egg laying.

Glöbalist also want to control the wörld's economy and glöbal health issues by taking advantage of people's fears. The mark of the beast is rooted in both of these: It is a glöbal economic (buy-sell) mandate tied to a godless allegiance, that will be fear induced. The Bible describes this one wörld order in the book of Revelation (Apocalypse) as a beast with 10 horns (NATO G10??) and a second beast coming out of the first beast with the number 6 6 6. The European Fifth Parliament "Tower Building" (named after the Tower of Babel) in Brussels, Belgium, has 679 seats for all the leaders of the wörld in a large hemicircle. Outside the building is a sculpture of their chosen symbol: A Woman Riding a Beast.

Some of the EU currency depicts a woman riding a beast as seen on the Greek Euro coin. Seat # 6 6 6 has never been occupied with members on both sides completely filled. In 2005, the UN's 60th anniversary logo had the number 6 bigger and bolder than the zero. It was displayed three times side-by side behind the flags of the main table. From a distance, too far to read the logo wording, the 3 bold 6's spelled out 6 6 6.

The United Nations has all their materials printed by "The Lucis Trust", originally founded in 1922 as "The Lucifer trust". Of course, the far-left has done all of this on purpose, to mock the Bible and God and show their anti-God beliefs. Those who mock God publicly to this extent will not find favors with God. Search "Empty seat number 666,".

To be in the "end-times", we have to enter into the Book of Revelation's prophecy. The Revelation 12 sign from God "The Woman Clothed with the Sun" (only veiwable by computer simulation because of the sun's glare) occurred on September 23, 2017, Saint Padre Pio's Feast Day, who was shown The Great Miracle before he died. Padre Pio has some end-times warnings for us about the church also covered by Dr. Taylor Marshal on the parent page. This one-day star, sun, moon and 4 planet alignment, along with the 9.5-month retrograde of Jupiter "The King planet" in the womb of the constellation Virgo "the Virgin", only repeats again "badly" in another 7,034 years, and never as precise as in 2017. The same precision that led up to the "Star of Bethlehem" sign from God. You can find both embedded videos on the bottom of this popular local prayer page .

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