Beautiful Catholic Prayers
( For the Greater Glory of God )

A Prayer Before Surgery
(for Loved One/Friend)
O Jesus Christ, Messiah and Lord, grant us joyful acceptance of the surgery which awaits

[ name of  Loved One/Friend ],
and let this be the relief and cure which we seek. Make skilled the work of the surgeon and that of his team for it is unto their knowledge and skill that we give ourselves for healing. We humbly pray, O Lord, that this procedure will be without complication, and that their recovery will be speedy and complete.


Prayer for Healing
(for Loved One/Friend)

Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to you. Allow Your healing Hand to heal

[ name of  Loved One/Friend ]

Touch our souls with Your compassion for others; touch our hearts with Your courage and infinite Love for all; touch our minds with Your Wisdom, and may our mouth always proclaim Your praise. Teach us to reach out to You in all our needs, and help us to lead others to You by our example.
Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring to

[ name of  Loved One/Friend ]

their health in body and spirit that they may serve You with all their strength. Touch gently this life which you have created, now and forever.

A Prayer for Healing
(for Loved One/Friend)

Lord, look upon us with eyes of mercy, may Your healing hand rest upon

[ name of  Loved One/Friend ],
may Your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of their body and into the depths of their souls, cleansing, purifying, restoring them to wholeness and strength for service in Your Kingdom.  We humbly ask this in Jesus Christ's Holy Name.


Catholic interest is building for the impending
prophecies from the 1960's Garabandal
Virgin Mary 2000+ apparitions from 1961-65.
Church approval "pending " on the
approaching date of the "Great Miracle"

God's Last Act of Mercy

The Message of Garabandal

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Illumination of Conscience - Warning, St Michael Prayer Origin, Chaplet Chastisement Avert, 3rd Secret Verification, Satan's 100 yr. Power, Recognizing Evil Deception
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NO earthly motives. ONLY God.
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Illumination of Conscience:
Coming Soon, Prophecy about Communism

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The devil's latest deception

Third Secret of Fatima:
Revealed by The Virgin twice (after the Church refused) and
verified by Vatican exorcist who read it himself.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet first use:
Chastisement avert after God had already sent the Angel of Divine Wrath.

St. Michael Prayer origin:
Jesus gave Satan the power and the time to corrupt the Catholic Church in 1884.

A dozen other things that Catholics dont know.

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