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Distraction of our thoughts away from God is one of the devil's most powerful influences to prevent us from growing our faith and trust in God. Today's world is so busy and so full of things to distract us away from God's message, that the devil's work is almost on auto-pilot. 

Why can't we put God on auto-pilot?  We can ask God to rebuke the devil's distractions and temptations, but we need to keep asking to keep Satan from creeping back in.  The difference between God and the devil is that Satan works without our asking (our self-centered human nature invites him in).  We have to continually rebuke the evil one's distractions to keep our minds clearly on God's message.  The grace of "clarity" helps us "distinguish" between heavenly thoughts of God and deceptions of the evil one.  The graces of "patients and wisdom" allows us to "focus and know" which thoughts are best for our salvation. God's graces of clarity, wisdom and patients are granted to anyone for the asking. Only a small amount of grace is granted each time, so ask as often as possible.*

"God the Father and Holy Spirit. I humbly ask you to grant me thy graces of clarity, wisdom & patients."

"Lord, I am not worthy to receive Your abundant graces, but only say the word and I shall be blessed."

In the simplest, most humble form:
  (Say with heart felt trust as often as you can. The bible promises it will be granted to all thoes who ask.)

"God the Father, Holy Spirit;
  clarity, wisdom, patients."

The key to getting God on "auto-pilot" is changing our "self-centered" human nature into a "self-giving" Godly nature (Satan's invitation is blocked). When we can see past our own selfish needs and seek to help the less fortunate, then our "auto-pilot" will be set to God's path and our destination will be eternity in heaven.

"I rebuke the devil's distraction
in the name of Jesus.
Bind and
cast out all disruptive thoughts.

God has not giving me a spirit of distraction, but of "clarity" & "focus" and of a patient mind.

I have God's "clarity & focus", and clarity & focus casts out distraction."


"Jesus, clear my mind from Satan's distractions in your holy name I pray."


"Jesus, rebuke all my mental distractions to focus clearly and wholeheartedly on my prayers and your message."


"I rebuke distraction in the name of Jesus, clear my mind of wandering thoughts and allow me to focus on your divine message for my life."


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