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Simplicity, Humility, Trust

Three virtues of a powerful prayer.


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Fear, Doubt & Distraction:

I rebuke my fear/anxiety in the
name of Jesus. Bind my fear and release if from its stronghold.

God has not giving me a spirit of fear, but of power, and of "love" and of a sound mind.

I have God's perfect "love", and that perfect love casts out fear.


"I rebuke my doubt in the
name of Jesus. Bind my doubt and release from its stronghold.

God has not giving me a spirit of doubt, but of power, and of "truth" and of a sound mind.

I have God's perfect "truth", and that perfect truth cast out doubt."


"I rebuke the devil's distraction / temptation in the name of Jesus. Bind and cast out all disruptive thoughts.

God has not giving me a spirit of distraction, but of "clarity" & "focus" and of a patient mind.

I have God's "clarity & focus", and clarity & focus casts out distraction."


After saying these prayers daily, anytime during the day you feel fear, doubt or distraction, say the words

"Lord Rebuke" or
"Lord, Rebuke my ....."

and these prayers will be sent. Especially useful during church or prayer time when you catch yourself wandering off course.

Did you know that there is a prayer that will prevent a sudden death, keep you from being burned in a fire or from poison taking effect on you.

Did you know that by looking at an image of Jesus with reverence, God will prevent you from falling into the hands of the Devil.

Did you know that you can say a series of simple "rebuke" prayers in the morning and throughout the day, you can quickly re-send those prayers by reciting "Lord, Rebuke" at the time of need.


Daily Prayers

We know that we need to say them for the sake of our salvation, but most Christian/Catholics don't take the time to pray daily.

We may have tried before but it didn't seem productive.  We think that we will have time to pray more when we get older.  

What we don't realize is that every day that we don't say prayers, Satan's influence will constantly erode our souls, making it harder and harder for us to "trust" God in the future. By the time we get older and have time to pray, Satan will have planted so much doubt in our minds, he will have diminished our ability to truly "trust" in God.

Many of us Christian/Catholics would like to have a better daily prayer life to build up our "trust" and diminish our "doubt".  This web site can make it so much easier and inspiring. If we start out simple and slow, we can increase our faith in God with just a few minutes per day.

In less than 1 minute, you can fend off the influence of the devil for the rest of the day?  If we did this each day, the devil would not be able to diminish our 
ability to trust in God.

By saying the three simple, humble prayer to the left, each morning and by quickly rebuking your fear, doubt and distraction all day long, you can rebuke and bind the devil's influence.

For those with serious doubt about their faith and their trust in God, add the optional prayer to the right.

Give it a try for two weeks.  Print out, or bookmark,

The Essential Two Minute
Prayer page

 and keep it next to your bed.  

After one week, add the 1900 year old most powerful St. Joseph protection prayer, and daily venerate (honor and respect) the Divine Mercy Image of Jesus Christ.  

In the eyes of God, it may be the most productive two minutes of your day.

God Blesses the Praying Christian.

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Beautiful Catholic Prayers

Smart phone optimized. No ads, no distractions, no agenda. Just you and God.

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[ Optional ]

Best said in the presence of the Holy Eucharist.

"I rebuke my most stubborn doubts
through the intercession of St. Jude* and St. Michael* and all the Holy Souls in thy name Jesus.

I offer unto God, in union with all the masses said today, the most precious blood of thy Divine Son Jesus, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory to pray and intercede in my battle with doubt as we pray for their heavenly deliverance.

God has not giving me a spirit of doubt, but of power, and of "truth" and of a sound mind.

Through the intercession of the saints and holy souls, and by the light of God's perfect "truth", may my mind be free from Satan's grasp and all my most stubborn doubts."


Venerate this image daily.
(Click to honor and respect)

Divine Mercy Image of Jesus Christ
Jesus, I Trust In Your Mercy

Jesus promised that anyone, who  venerates this Image of His Divine Mercy would not perish (especially hardened sinners). The Red Rays signify his blood which gives our souls life and the Clear Rays signify water to clean our souls.

For those who Trust in His Mercy, Jesus's rays of Mercy will shield the sinner from the wrath of the Father during final judgment with His infinite grace and mercy.  All he needs from you is your TRUST IN HIM.