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 The Message of Garabandal 

Today in Garabandal History
June 29, 1962
The first visit of Neurologist
Dr. Ricardo Puncernau
gh   Glenn Hudson          (Click with Edge; Right click to read aloud)

The first visit of Neurologist Dr. Ricardo Puncernau

The first visit of Neurologist Dr. Ricardo Puncernau to the village. As a Scientist, a first class witness, he played a fundamental role in Garabandal. He sought to understand the phenomena unfolding there, from every view point. The Blessed Virgin would reveal to Conchita that the huge amount of work of this physician" would triumph later " ! Dr. Ricardo Puncernau, is a Neuro-psychiatrist. Dr. Ricardo Puncernau is the Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Sophrology and Psychosomatic Medicine and the President of the Spanish Association of Para-Psychological Investigations.

Dr Ricardo Puncernau

Below is a portion of the report Dr. Ricardo Puncernau published in 1974.
Full version of his report shown on the page: "A Doctor Tells the Truth".

"I have weighed, thought about, and consciously observed [the events], and I have made the following conclusion: In Garabandal, there has never existed nor exists any other acting causing factor in relation to what is happening there except the Most Holy Virgin." During these times, in which the world is "confused" on the ecclesiastical level, similarly on international, social, familiar, and personal levels, full of injustice and egoism, we have dared to write these lines. These are a series of simple stories that deal with the famous happenings of Garabandal as seen through the prism of a Christian doctor.

Since I am Christian, I am obligated to strictly tell the truth, without adornment, at least in the essence of the narration. What is important, I dare to say, is the adornment of the story.

At least consciously, I haven't left out the slightest detail of what I remember. They are personal things, mine, as they relate to the history of Garabandal. They are things that I have never told before. Things that I believe are necessary to say. Next year, 1975, is the Holy Year. What better occasion to exhume events that were seemingly buried forever but, in reality, never were? It is evident that this has been written for those who already know the story of Garabandal. If not, I fear that they will neither understand nor value this testimony.

Barcelona, December 1974. Dr. Ricardo Puncernau.

Dr Ricardo Puncernau

Dr. Puncernau with Mari Cruz, Loli and his daughter Margarita at the Pines

[From 'Garabandal' Book, page 138]

Also see his report online at: http://www.garabandal.it/en/documentation/reports/puncernau

Last Update  Oct 10, 2023