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Prayers To Your
Guardian Angel

Prayers for advanced angel involvement in our lives.  

"Jesus, allow my guardian angel to help me in many ways throughout the day. Give me the ability to constantly communicate freely with my angel. Let my angel work in union with the appropriate Holy Saints and Holy Souls to best aid me and my loved ones in all our needs and spiritual growth. Let my angel work in union with the angels of my 'loved ones' in order to assist and comfort them in their darkness. Allow their angel to guide their thoughts by my prayers for the Spirit's grace of clarity, wisdom and strength upon them.  Allow them to think clearly without distractions or influence from the evil one.  I ask this in Your Most Holy Name, Jesus Christ.    Amen."

"God the Father and Holy Spirit. I humbly ask you to grant my 'Loved One' thy graces of clarity, wisdom & strength."

"Lord, I am not worthy to receive Your abundant graces, but only say the word and my 'Loved One(s)' shall be blessed."

In the simplest, most humble form:
 (Say with heart felt trust as often as you can. The bible promises it will be granted to all those who ask.)

"God the Father, Holy Spirit;
  clarity, wisdom, strength."

"Good morning my Angel from God. Thank You for being my friend and guardian.  Remind me daily to rebuke my fear, doubt and distractions and always guide my thoughts for the greater glory of God.  Amen."

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
To whom God's love
commits me here,
Ever this day,
be at my side,
To light and guard,
Rule and guide.

All people have Guardian Angels, but we must ask our Angels for help before they can intervene.  

Treat your angel like a trusted friend.  Tell them your thoughts and your daily concerns. Ask them to help with all your important decisions.  Your angle communicates to you through your thoughts.  Ask Jesus to let you distinguish between heavenly thoughts and the deceptive thoughts seeded by the evil one.  

"Jesus, help me to recognize when my Angel or the Spirit is guiding my thoughts.

Help me to distinguish and bind the deceptive thoughts of the evil one.  

I ask this in Your most Holy Name Jesus.  Amen."

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