Beautiful Catholic Prayers

Protection from fire and water.

From poison and battle.

From a sudden death.

For anything you may desire that is of God's will.

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For Today's
Spiritual Battles

St. Joseph Meditative Prayer

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[1] Most people disregard the part about being in battle. During the time of this prayer, battles were both physical and spiritual, hence the reason the Pope sent this parayer into battle.

Today, our battles are spiritual when we are trying to stay true to God in a world of evil. This prayer covers our battles as well.

A friend asked how we fight against atheist countries with robotic dogs/drones and nuclear/chemical/biological weapons? The answer is with prayer. When we fight with prayer in God's name, we win either way. The result of every battle is in God's hands. The outcome of the battle is not decided by God until all prayers are said.

What will be the outcome if only some of us are praying? We ALL need to pray this prayer (and the St. Michael Prayer and Chaplet ) for the world. We have the greatest saint, St. Joseph to pray with us.

Illumination of Conscience - Warning, St Michael Prayer Origin, Chaplet Chastisement Avert, 3rd Secret Verification, Satan's 100 yr. Power, Recognizing Evil Deception

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NO earthly motives. ONLY God.
10-25 min read.

Illumination of Conscience:
Likely coming soon,
Our Lady's prophecy about Russia

Recoginizing Evil Deception:
The devil's latest deception

Part of the Third Secret of Fatima:
Revealed by The Virgin twice (after the Church refused) and verified by Vatican exorcist who read it himself.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet first use:
Chastisement avert after God had already sent the Angel of Divine Wrath.

St. Michael Prayer origin:
Jesus gave Satan the power and the time to corrupt the Catholic Church in 1884.

A dozen other things that Catholics should know.

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St. Joseph Protection Prayer

Prayer to St. Joseph over 1900 years old

Continue this prayer after the year of St Joseph
for his protection is no longer automatic.
In the Name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

( For the Greater Glory of God )

Oh, St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.

Oh, St. Joseph, do assist me(us) by your powerful intercession and obtain for me(us) from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord; so that, having engaged here below your Heavenly power, I(we) may offer my(our) thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of fathers.

Oh, St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for us. Amen.

( For the Greater Glory of God )

Say for nine consecutive mornings for anything you may desire that is of God's will. It has seldom been known to fail.

This prayer was found in the fiftieth year of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In 1505, it was sent by the Pope to Emperor Charles when he was going into battle.[1]

Who ever reads this prayer or hears it or carries it, will never die a sudden death, nor be drowned, nor will poison take effect on them. They will not fall into the hands of the enemy nor be burned in any fire, nor will they be defeated in battle. [1]

Make this prayer known everywhere.

Most Rev. George W. Ahr
Bishop of Trenton

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Biblical Astronomy - Christmas 2021

( This is NOT Astrology )
Astrology is predicting the future by the stars.
Biblical Astronomy is explaining the past or present
through God's creation and precise timing.

Inspired by "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" of Garabandal
        Primary purpose to alert about the coming "Illumination of Conscience"        

No earthly motives: YouTube channel not monitized.

The Star of Bethlehem Celestial Tour
From the Annunciation, to Christ's Birth to the First Christmas - 16:07

by Beautiful Catholic Prayers

Video Description and links:

Computer analysis simulation with program Stellarium. Animations of the biblical sky just as the three wise men witnessed it. The wise men looked for conjunctions. The Star of Bethlehem was preceded by 5-7 rare conjunctions visible to the Magi to confirm the Star's splendor.

Why does God use signs in the stars, moon and planets? What is God trying to tell us today from the Revelation 12 sign of 2017?

The saints and Marian apparitions have been prophesying about the end of our era where man will need an intervention from God.

The first intervention will be the "Illumination of Conscience", where for a few minutes everything will stop and we will all see our souls as God sees it.

Revelation 12: The Woman Clothed with the Sun
September 23, 2017 - 8:31

by Beautiful Catholic Prayers

Video Description and links:

On September 23, 2017 the Bible verse of Revelation 12: 1-2 was fulfilled in the stars. This is a sign from God for a future event and the end of our current era, NOT the end of the world.

The Marian apparitions of Fatima, Akita & Garabandal, foretell of these "END TIMES" before a reign of peace. The "Illumination of Conscience" and "Great Miracle" are near future events where God will intervene to stop evil advancement and to perform His last act of Mercy for us all.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to the three shepherd children of Fatima on the very last apparition, Miracle Dance of the Sun, with the baby Jesus in her arms. After the Catholic Church failed to reveal the third secret to the world in 1960, she appeared at San Sebastion de Garabandal Spain and Akita Japan, proclaiming that the church, and the world, will go through a terrible tribulation (Communism).

Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared over 2,000 times at Garabandal from 1961 to 1965. Church approval of the apparitions are "pending" on the date of the "Great Miracle" in which the Vatican was given the exact date. They are off the hook for making an approval.

The main seer of Garabandal, Conchita, will announce the date of the Great Miracle 8 days in advance to Glenn Hudson. She is 72 and lives in New York. The only trusted contact for Conchita is Glenn. He has compiled thousands of facts about Garabandal over the last 30+ years.

Glenn's private Facebook group "The Message of Garabandal" has 63,000+ members with around 10,000 new members this year. A webpage version of his resources and information can be found on our site:

Some popular pages from the resources pages are:

Padre Pio's Belief in Garabandal:

Our Lady of Mount Carmel:

Visionary Ecstasy:

Oct 13, 1961. Mary Throws Down a Star:

Catholic interest is building for the impending
prophecies from the 1960's Garabandal
Virgin Mary 2000+ apparitions from 1961-65.

Church approval "Pending" on the "Great Miracle" date.

The Message of Garabandal

The Last Act of God's Unfathomable Mercy
"Illumination of Conscience"

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