Beautiful Catholic Prayers

Protection, Depression, Worry-Anxiety

Three virtues of a powerful prayer:
Simplicity, Humility & Trust.

Clarity against Distraction


St. Joseph 1900 year old Protection Prayer

A Prayer to Our Lady, Queen of Angels,
For Protection

Prayer for Spiritual Enemies &
Precious Blood Covering

Prayer for Travelers

Prayer for Protection from Storms


Rebuke Fear

Rebuke Inadequate Feelings

St. Loyola Prayer Against Depression


Handling Doubt

Rebuke Doubt

Rebuke Stubborn Doubt

St Rita Prayer for the Impossible PDF

St Rita Prayer for the Impossible PDF #2

Life of St. Rita Book (1916 186 pgs) PDF

St Rita Novena

Saint Teresa of Avila Prayer

Worry about Tommorow

Treasures in Heaven

Anxiety and Stress

Rebuke Fear caused by Anxiety


Prayer for my son
Prayer for my daughter
Prayer for my family
Prayer for my father
Prayer for a friend
Prayer for those that have been lost

Prayer for Anxiety and Worry
Prayer for Anxiety and Stress
Prayer for Strength
Prayer for Wisdom
Prayer against fear
Prayer for Decision Making

Prayer for when you feel lost
Prayer for when you are scared
Prayer for when you feel overwhelmed
Prayer for when you feel like giving up
Prayer for when you feel you can’t go on
Prayer for anxiety about money problems

Full List of Prayers for Anxiety

Informative Articals about Anxiety

 I worry about my kids too much. What should I do?
Why do I worry so much about others?
How to deal with feeling overwhelmed
Is there meaning in my suffering?

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